This conference provides a venue for researchers and practitioners in related fields from academia, industry and government to meet in a forum where the latest research results are presented and prospects for future developments are discussed.

All accepted papers will be ‎published to Springer Nature which are indexed by SCOPUS.

The ICSEAT 2024 Organizing Committee cordially invites submissions of high-quality research papers reporting original work on, but not limited to, the following topics of interest:

Track 1: Engineering Disciplines

  • Advancements in Computer Engineering
  • Innovations in Mechanical Engineering
  • Novel Materials and Applications in Engineering
  • Sustainable Practices in Chemical Engineering
  • Future Trends in Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics for IoT and Smart Systems
  • Control System Design and Applications
  • Infrastructure Development in Civil Engineering
  • Breakthroughs in Biomedical Engineering

Track 2: Technology and Systems

  • Information Systems and Data Management
  • Connectivity and Applications of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Interactive Multimedia and Graphics Design
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications
  • Cybersecurity Challenges and Solutions
  • Digital Forensics and Cybercrime Investigation
  • Metaverse Applications

Track 3: Sustainability and Green Technologies

  • Renewable Energy Sources and Integration
  • Sustainable Materials and Building Technologies
  • Eco-Friendly Construction Practices
  • Green Transportation and Mobility Solutions
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling Innovations
  • Environmental Impact of Metaverse and Virtual Worlds

Track 4: Architecture and Design

  • Architectural Innovations and Design Trends
  • Interior Design for Well-being and Productivity
  • Sustainable Architecture and Green Building Design
  • Urban Planning and Smart Cities
  • Cultural Heritage Preservation through Architecture
  • Aesthetics and Functionality in Modern Design

Track 5: Education Technology

  • EdTech Tools and Platforms for Remote Learning
  • Gamification and Interactive Learning Solutions
  • AI and Personalized Education
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality in Education
  • E-Learning Accessibility and Inclusivity
  • Innovative Assessment and Evaluation Methods

Track 6: Emerging Technologies and Post-Pandemic Applications

  • Blockchain and Decentralized Applications
  • 5G and Beyond: Next-Generation Connectivity
  • Health Tech and Medical Breakthroughs
  • AI in Healthcare and Biotechnology
  • Resilient Technologies for Pandemic Preparedness
  • Social Impact and Ethical Considerations in Emerging Technologies

Track 7: Digital Innovation: Transforming Business, HR, and Accounting

  • The Role of Technology in Modern HR Management 
  • Digital Transformation and Business 
  • Cybersecurity for Businesses in the Digital Age 
  • The Rise of E-Commerce: Strategies and Technologies 
  • The Role of Technology in Modern HR Management 
  • Enhancing Employee Experience with HR Tech 
  • Cybersecurity in HR: Protecting Sensitive Data 
  • Innovations in Talent Acquisition and Management 
  • Sustainable Practices in HR Analytics 
  • The Role of Technology in Modern Accounting 
  • Big Data and Analytics in Accounting 
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in Accounting and Finance

Track 8: Space Science and Technology

  • Satellite Technologies and Applications
  • Advanced Propulsion Systems
  • Space Exploration: Recent Missions and Discoveries
  • Astrodynamics and Orbital Mechanics
  • Space Weather and Its Impact on Earth
  • Planetary Geology and Exoplanetary Studies
  • Astronomical Instruments and Observatories
  • Space Habitats and Living in Space
  • Earth Observation and Remote Sensing Technologies
  • Space Policy, Ethics, and Legal Challenges