In presence of His Excellency Dr. Mohamed bin Mubarak Juma, the Minister of Education and Chairman of the Higher Education Council (HEC) Board of Trustees. The College of Engineering at Gulf University is pleased to announce the 2nd International Conference on Science, Engineering and Advanced Technology (ICSEAT 2024), set to take place on 8th & 9th May 2024, Kingdom of Bahrain (Hybrid Mode). The ICSEAT 2024 provides a leading forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology. The Conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. The theme of the International Conference on Science, Engineering and Advanced Technology (ICSEAT 2024) is “Innovative Technology for Humanity”. Innovation is very apt for the global economy that we are facing today. The capacity for innovation through the creation of new products and processes will play a dominant role in meeting that goal. Innovation is a result of the transformation of scientific knowledge, through engineering research and technology development into products and processes for the marketplace. We hope that some of the research findings here will be commercialized so as to contribute directly towards greater economic growth. The aim of the conference is to provide a platform for engineers, academia and researchers to disseminate and discuss their current research findings and also to explore recent developments, current practices and future trends in the fields of science, engineering, and technology. The conference is participated by educators, researchers, and policymakers with the aim to share practices, studies, insights, and experiences on developing technology as it applies to 21st-century learning.

Conference Objectives

  1. Provide a forum for researchers, educators, students and industries to exchange ideas, to communicate and discuss research findings and new advances in Information Sciences & Engineering.
  2. Give researchers from various local universities and different countries the opportunity to report their latest research findings and exchange views in an effort to achieve better cooperation in the future.
  3. Bring a strong line-up of the right voices from academia and industry together to come up with actionable outcomes to implement during this, most fluid state of education in centuries and how its technologies and solutions can help fast-track digital transformation while advancing talent development in the world.
  4. Facilitate pursuing of sustainable development through digital transformation, innovations and modernized 21st-century education technologies of the related systems and structures, that will consequently support people to be active contributors to more peaceful and sustainable societies and develop a sense of responsibility for our planet.

Conference Themes & Topics:

Track 1: Engineering Disciplines

Track 2: Technology and Systems

Track 3: Sustainability and Green Technologies

Track 4: Architecture and Design

Track 5: Education Technology

Track 6: Emerging Technologies and Post-Pandemic Applications

Track 7: Digital Innovation: Transforming Business, HR, and Accounting

Track 8: Space Science and Technology


All submissions are subjected to peer review before receiving the final acceptance. All accepted papers will be ‎published to Springer Nature which are indexed by SCOPUS.


Hybrid Mode (Online/Physical), Gulf University, Kingdom of Bahrain.